We provide audit services to our clients, to enable and enhance accountability of stock movement.

Internal & External Loss Control Audit

Most entrepreneurs face the challenge of keeping track of the stock received and dispatched from their stores. This may be as a result of inaccurate data from the concerned personnel while ordering, receiving and dispatching of the stock.

The key areas that are mostly affected include the right quality and quantities of goods among other areas thus requiring services that will be reliable in getting the right information for a good audit report.

Hipora Business Solutions (E.A) Limited has taken the initiative to provide audit services to our clients to enable and enhance accountability for the proper procedures to be followed in receiving, storage and dispatching of stock from the stores.


·  Monitoring the internal controls to make sure they are well designed by reviewing, monitoring their operations and recommending improvements.

·  Examinations of operations information they review the means used to identify, measure, classify operations information and to make specific inquiries into individual items of transaction.

·  Review of compliance in accordance with the Hiporas standard operating procedures.

·  Risk management i.e. identifying, disclosing and evaluating significant exposures to risk and contributing to managing the risk.


·  To prove compliance with the expected standards as per the clients expectations.

·  To check whether the client staffs have followed the standard operations procedures.

·  The auditor will report any abnormalities identified in the course of the audit.

·  To advice the clients on the weaknesses in their system and how to improve on it.

·  Strengthening of the Internal Control Systems in all clients departments.

·  To commit any staff suspected of fraud to investigations including conducting polygraph test