The Loss Control Management Training Program is a program that is designed to cater for the needs of managers, assistant managers, cashiers, packers, and receiving clerks within the supermarket industry. The content of the program that is covered over a period of five (5) days as outlined below.

Our success is attributed to an accurate survey and analysis of our client’s needs and measured by the strategic placement of highly trained personnel who have graduated from our training center.

Our Training is fully accreditation from the Directorate of Industrial Training.
Our training center has graduated over seven hundred of our employees who have been equipped with the knowledge and skills needed in loss control management and other various services.

Training Programs

  • Loss Control Management
  • Loss Control Management (introduction)
  • The consumer
  • Retail operations
  • Organization of a retail store
  • Shrinkage and losses
  • Cash handling, processing payment & the checkout controller
  • Receiving stock and the Double Checker
  • Customer care